Healthy students are more available for learning, and the goal of the health office is to promote success in academics and successful participation in ECLC’s community-based programs.

The health office nurses collaborate with parents, students, ECLC teachers and therapists, and medical providers to ensure the health and safety of your children and to support an environment of wellness and learning.

We encourage parents to contact the health office with any questions or concerns and to communicate with the nurses about any changes in your child’s health.

Anne Fields, RN, MS, BSN, CSN-NJ
973-635-1700 ext. 423

Roey Nickson, RN, BSN, CSN
973-635-1700 ext. 424

Akilah Creary, LPN, BA
973-635-1700 ext. 425

Frequently Asked Questions

My child needs to take medicine during the day, can the school nurse administer medication at school?

Medication may be administered to students at school only with a medical order from a physician or nurse practitioner and with written parent permission. The medical order must include the name of the medication, purpose, dose, route of administration, time of administration, and side effects. You may download the ECLC Medication Order and Permission form.

Under certain circumstances, the school nurses may administer specific over-the-counter medications under standing orders signed by the ECLC school physician. Administration of OTC medications also requires written parent permission. You may download the ECLC Authorization for Administration of OTC Medication form.

My child would like to try out for team sports, which medical form should be completed?

All students trying-out for team intramural and interscholastic athletics are required to submit the NJ Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form; team sports opportunities are offered to upper school students. You may download the NJ Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form.

Lower school students and upper school students who are not interested in team sports should complete the ECLC Health Appraisal Form.

What if my child needs to change clothing during the school day?

All students should keep a complete change of clothing in their lockers. Even older students may have a toileting accident, a fall on wet grass, or a spill in the kitchen or lunchroom that requires clean, dry clothing. Students are better able to focus and participate if they are clean and dry, and they are more comfortable and confident in their own clothing.

Keeping a change of clothing in school also helps parents avoid an unnecessary trip to ECLC to pick up your child or to bring a clean set of clothes during the work day.

What procedure do I follow if my child will be absent from school?

Unexcused absences are not permitted under NJ education code. If your child will not be in school or will be tardy for any reason, please notify the front desk, your homeroom teacher, or the health office by 9:00 am. Notification can be made by phone 973-635-1700 or email.

If my child is sick, when can they return to school?

If your child is sick, please keep them at home to recover. This helps to prevent the spread of illness to other students and staff, and giving time to rest allows your student to return more quickly to regular activities.

If your child is examined by a physician for illness, injury, or for a medical procedure, please bring a document from the healthcare provider to clear them to return to school with any activity restrictions noted.

More information about absence from school and exclusion due to illness can be found in the Chatham Parent/Student Handbook and the NJ Department of Health School Exclusion Guidelines.