October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month
National Disability Employment Awareness Month

We are grateful to local business partners for giving students at our Chatham school an opportunity to learn job skills throughout the school year.

Preparing students for adult life is a critical part of the ECLC educational experience. Students begin learning basic job skills through an in-house program and then go into the community to expand their knowledge and develop the “soft” skills of being in a workplace.

“Having students obtain job-related skills training is such a crucial part of their vocational training and prepares them for potential job opportunities after they graduate. ECLC is so thankful and grateful to our business partners for allowing our students the opportunities to learn job skills on an actual job site, and for promoting inclusivity amongst the special needs population. Students are getting the chance to learn, first-hand, alongside business employees and members of the community and it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved!” said SKIL Teacher and Work Program Coordinator, Stacie Weber.

Unlike most schools for students with special needs, ECLC offers a bridge after graduation, from school to adulthood through our affiliate, Community Personnel Services (CPS). Students receive the assistance, guidance and caring needed to move smoothly from the classroom to a job or adult program, whether in our PRIDE Centers or elsewhere.

It is another reason families choose ECLC’s school, so they can enjoy peace of mind that their child with special needs will be supported for as long as needed. If you know a student who would benefit from an ECLC education, we have openings at both our schools. Please request a tour by sending an e-mail to aduarte@eclcofnj.org.